A Simple to Implement and Easy to Use Fully Cloud Based System for Big Corporations, Micro Employers, Pay Bureaus and Pension Providers. aeExchange Provides a Solution that Always Works.

Very High Quality and Easy to Use....

aeExchange is an independent cloud based Auto Enrolment (AE) Workplace Pension Middleware which will seamlessly work with any of your payroll systems. You can use aeExchange for AE assessments, Comms letters, pension calculations, generating payroll deduction files or just for eSubmitting your AE contribution data to various popular pension providers via one sign in.

Batch processing of AE assessments, producing Comms letters, as well as e-filing of your AE returns are the unique features designed specifically for big corporates or pay bureaus.

SMEs and HMRC BPT (Basic PAYE Tools) users can also use this fully comprehensive AE Workplace Pension middleware with ease.

The system is well tested and reliable as its engine is running on top of its parent company's www.efileready.com infrastructure, which has for many years offered a full range of eReturn services to HMRC and for pension providers. Its I T infrastructure is ISO 9001 and UKAS ISO 27001 accredited and also passed an Ernst and Young onsite audit conducted on behalf of a leading UK pension provider. Please find below our range of products.

Compatible with all ERP & Payroll Solutions listed below