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about aeExchange

The aeExchange server engine is proven and well used. Millions of live payroll and pension records/data have already been converted and eReturned with peace of mind. Regardless of the size of your company you can count on us to get your AE Pension and Payroll eReturns successfully done.

16 Years of Proven Services
Many Pension providers and renowned PLCs using Oracle, SAP and bespoke Windows systems, have over the last 16 years, successfully filed their Pension and Payroll returns to HMRC using ourwww.efileready.com server. aeExchange has replicated this parent server and added in AE Pension data services to make it a comprehensive service for all. Whatever payroll system you use or platform you base on, aeExchange.com will work seamlessly over the cloud for you.

The Data Format
To communicate your raw AE data to aeExchange you are free to use the PAPDIS XML or PAPDIS CSV file formats, or use our Universal AE Template which is an extension of the PAPDIS standard and provided to cope with the data requirements of those pension providers which PAPDIS does not yet cover. We will convert your data to suit the target pension provider's requirements and allow you to submit your return to the pension provider, securely through https, with just one click. Alternatively, we can give you the respective CSV file format for you to upload directly to the pension provider yourself. The data output period can be tailored to the Pension provider's stipulated weekly or monthly period, etc.

Comprehensive Range of Services
This easy to learn and simple to use service covers:

  • Accepting your AE raw data in either CSV or XML formats
  • Providing AE Contribution Data submissions through XML/CSV files
  • Providing AE assessments and calculations
  • Producing AE Comm. letters
  • Enabling Opt In functions
  • Providing automatic AE Pension Account creation
  • Completing RTI Payroll eReturns to HMRC
  • Completing HMRC RTI DPS data downloads
  • Supporting Agent Batch file processing

Our Product / Service Range