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AE Pension eSubmissions

A. Key Features

  •  eSubmission of AE contributions in batch
  •  API provided for AE eSubmissions
  •  Batch Upload of AE Contribution File
  •  SFTP data exchange for batch eSubmissions
  •  Supports Universal AE, PAPDIS 1.0, 1.1 or ITM file formats

B. Detailed Features

You can now eSubmit your AE data to the popular pension providers through aeExchange for FREE. The difference between our free eSubmission of AE contribution data and others is that you do not need to develop an API in order to conduct your AE eSubmissions.

It is well known that developing a working API is laborious and time consuming. We have overcome this obstacle and can offer you an innovative alternative. We guarantee that it will save you time and cut down on errors. Please read on for more

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Can you eSubmit your AE Contribution Data without an API?

Yes, you can e-submit your regular AE contribution data to pension providers without an API thanks to the aeExchange system which is capable of accepting all of your clients' contribution data in a single CSV file upload to our system or through a SFTP arrangement.

Once we have received your CSV file containing all your clients' AE contribution data we will e-file your AE contribution data in turn to the respective pension providers. The CSV file can contain data for multiple pension providers from multiple clients, or data for multiple pension providers from a single client. This will save you from the time consuming process of logging in to the individual pension providers' websites to upload your clients' contributions individually. This is achieved through an Auto-Queue Processing System.

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What is the Auto-Queue Processing System?

Batch Processing: aeExchange has developed a batch processing queuing system for accepting single files which contain multiple clients and multiple pension providers data. Your file can be in a CSV or XML format containing just one client's data or multiple clients' data destined for just one pension provider or multiple pension providers. The auto-queue processing system is able to sequentially read your file's data and process the data sequentially, one after another, automatically. 'Processing' means validating your data to ensure it fully complies with the target pension providers' data specifications. After processing your incoming data we will pick up the pension providers' credentials which you set in our system and automatically e-file the data concerned to the pension providers of your choice in turn.

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Does aeExchange provide API?

Yes, we do provide API for those who are interested to communicate their data and services with us through API. We are data interchange specialists with many years of API experience in the pension and payroll industries. We know when to use this technology appropriately for different users and partners. Our API is built on the latest open source, open-standard JSON, Java and Apache technology. It is fully open for all to interface with us with ease.

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What is Universal AE?

Universal AE is a file format very similar to SystemSyn's Pass file. The majority of the data fields in the Universal AE or Pass files were originally from the PAPDIS file. As PAPDIS has not covered some of the fields that some pension providers needed we have added these data fields on top and renamed it Universal AE. In effect Universal AE or Pass files are simply an extension of the PAPDIS file. It is as simple as that.

With mobile devices becoming prominent aeExchange has further added to the Universal AE file some additional data fields to support mobile device applications. For this reason you may find that Universal AE has a few more optional data fields compared to others.

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SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Program, or SSH file Transfer Protocol. This allows you to transfer the file to us in batch in big quantities. aeExchange provides this function for volume users on top of CSV file uploads or communicating your data via an API.
You can create your own SFTP Server and we will create a channel link to it, alternatively, you may use the SFTP server provided by us.

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The Advantages of using aeExchange AE eSubmission Solution:

  • You do not need to develop an API for conducting AE eSubmissions
  • You can submit your AE contribution returns with just one log in
  • It reduces the need to log in to different pension providers
  • Your eSubmission credentials can be safely stored at aeExchange
  • aeExchange validates your data and warns you of any errors in advance
  • The system provides multiple channels for accepting your data
  • You can chose API, SFTP or CSV for your AE eSubmissions
  • It is reliable and simple to use
  • The system maintain the highest security with UKAS ISO 27001 acccredited

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